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Mauzey Construction Inc. has received certification by Harlan Dale Foraker, Licensed Kansas Professional Engineer No. 10891, confirms that the septic tank meets the requirements of the state of Kansas, Minimum Standards for Design and Construction of Onsite Wastewater Systems.

Septic fields are constructed according to county codes. There are two types available, rock field and infiltrator field. A rock field is recommended when greater access is needed. You can drive across a rock field. Infiltrator fields are recommended for clay soil types and soil that has a low percolation. Septic fields are not recommended to be placed under driveways or roads.

Click to view installation of an infiltrator field: Photo1 - Photo 2

One thousand (1000) Gallon Septic Tank

Click to view out-of-ground septic tank

The septic tank is constructed of four thousand (4000) psi concrete and is steel rebar and wire mesh reinforced. The top of the tank is designed and constructed to support a minimum uniform load of 400 pounds per square foot. The tank has an access manhole, twenty (20) inches, on inlet side of tank and outlet side of tank. Each manhole contains a four- inch riser with cap for viewing inside the tank.

Excavating a ten-foot by eight-foot hole is required. Depth will vary according to location of inlet pipe. The dirt floor must be smooth and level before tank can be installed. Sand is recommended in clay or rock bedded areas.


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